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Self-aware leaders inspire trust, foster innovation
and nurture high-performing teams.

One of the ten shifts transforming organizations: Leaders who are self-aware and inspiring

The world of work has changed.

It’s common to get caught up in the demands of day-to-day living and leading and neglect our connections – most importantly, with ourselves.

The neglect may lead to feeling overwhelmed and running a high risk of burnout. 

This is a theme for high-achieving leaders who are driven to make a difference for their teams, organizations, and communities.

The key is to acknowledge and move beyond self-imposed limitations through enhanced self-awareness.

Take the first step on your inner journey
of conscious leadership

Lead within first. The inner journey of leadership is a win-win-win solution:


Self-aware leaders have emotional intelligence, allowing them to regulate their responses and empathize with others. Being self-aware can support self-care and well-being practices and mitigate leader burnout. 


Self-aware leaders are more likely to inspire trust, foster innovation, and nurture high-performing teams.


Self-aware leaders play a pivotal role in change management efforts by fostering open communication, ensuring employee engagement, and creating a sense of stability during times of transition.

Everything is energetic. Whatever you're experiencing right now in your physical reality is within your power to change, amplify, or eliminate.
What's blocking success for most people?

They have some awareness of what's blocking them, but don't ever address these blocks, or the trauma that created them, at a cellular level. 

There's a subconscious payoff they experience that's tied to getting core human needs met. Until that need is illuminated, the problem (no matter how painful) will persist. 

They think they're committed to results but they aren't willing to take action. Action indicates intention. Commitment can't be conditional. 

By the end of the workshop, attendees will:
  • Grasp the significance of self-awareness and its influence on a growth mindset, well-being and leadership.

  • Discover and address personal narratives that might be inhibiting potential.

  • Identify obstacles, learning to circumvent them using proven methods.

  • Learn key techniques to sustain self-awareness for conscious leadership. 


Join me and other leaders for a transformational and immersive experience.

The workshop includes:

  • Live facilitation

  • A workbook to complete exercises and journal your reflections 

  • Live demos, exercises and Q&A throughout  

  • On-the-spot coaching

  • Supplementary video content 

There will be aha moments and personal transformation. You'll learn why knowing thyself is the first step on your journey to lead consciously in business and life.



The Self-Aware Leader: A WIN-WIN-WIN Solution

The Daily Business Journal

June 14, 2023

A transformative skill for effective leadership and organizational success is readily accessible and backed by research yet vastly underutilized. This article explores the importance of self-awareness as a business imperative skill, highlights its benefits, and provides practical tips on cultivating self-awareness as a leader.

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Enhanced self-awareness can strengthen resilience, lead to increased productivity and retention, better decision-making, and a more positive work environment, contributing to overall well-being and success.
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