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Experience the NNALI difference.
It's more than leadership.
It's the transformative inner journey of leadership.

NNALI is a mission-driven consulting and coaching business championing conscious leadership so leaders and teams thrive. We believe conscious leaders nurture harmonious work cultures where inspired teams deliver exceptional business results. 

Our Focus: Lead within First

Aligned with our mission, we put leaders first, recognizing that mindset, well-being and performance are interrelated. Our certified coaching practice is unique because we work with cutting-edge tools to identify and clear mindset barriers, install new strategies, and increase self-awareness.

Our Response to workplace shifts

The pandemic introduced unprecedented pressure on leaders and organizations in the areas of resilience, retention, and restructuring. Our solutions will strengthen these areas without compromising the bottom line.

Naomi N. Ali, NNALI Consulting, Conscious Leadership

Naomi N. Ali is the Founder and CEO of NNALI Coaching & Consulting. She is a certified Transformational Master Coach and Evolved NLP Master Practitioner/Coach. She combines a progressive corporate career in strategic communications, leadership, and change management to help her clients lead consciously. 


Naomi is the President, FemCity/Toronto, author, speaker, and Nationally Syndicated Columnist on the Price of Business Digital Network. 

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Our Team

Our expert team of coaches are certified Transformational Master Coach and Evolved NLP Master Practitioner/Coach. Together, we bring over five decades of corporate experience, having sat in the leader’s chair, and draw on lived experiences to support our clients.


We honour the unique needs and goals of each leader. We create a supportive environment where leaders can explore challenges and opportunities, connect with their values and purpose, and develop the confidence and skills needed to thrive in their roles.

By helping leaders become conscious leaders,
we can transform organizations into places of inspiration, innovation, and purpose.

Why do we do what we do? At NNALI, we believe gender equality and equity is a WE issue. We work with women and male allies in leadership because the world needs more conscious leaders creating change to close gaps, shatter glass ceilings, and trailblaze for the greater good.


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