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Start your business partnership

on the right foot, preserve your valued relationships, and accelerate your path

to success.

Business Partnership. An image symbolizing business partnership. Two interlocking puzzle p

Be in the top percentile of successful business partnerships

Entering into a business partnership is a significant decision.


Studies show that approximately 70% of these partnerships fail.


The reasons often stem from misaligned goals, misunderstood expectations, inadequate communication, and lack of formal agreement.


Proactively Partnering for Success is designed to turn those statistics around.

Unique, collaborative and objective guidance is your first step toward success

Rohanie, Scarborough, ON

"Naomi was fantastic! I never thought to do this type of preliminary work. It set me up for success, whether with a partner or solo. I enjoyed the process, and there were so many a-ha moments. In my case, we realized partnering was not for us. This service saved us time, money, effort and our friendship! I recommend taking this step before committing to a business partnership."

Take the first step toward a
thriving business relationship.

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