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Quantum Time Release

Quantum Time Release (QTR) is a unique and transformational technique to help you eliminate blocks and clear the path between you and the results, success, and impact you desire and deserve.


QTR integrates energy work, denial clearing, and alchemic forgiveness through a content-free, meditative experience. It releases the weight of emotions like anger, sadness, fear, guilt, and shame and limiting beliefs and blocks.


This process of making the subconscious conscious and then clearing what comes up is a game-changer. After a QTR session, clients feel lighter and empowered with clear insights.  

About the QTR Workshop

A QTR workshop is typically two hours, depending on the number of attendees. 

  • QTR is a content-free process, which means there is no talking.

  • You'll work with your subconscious mind to identify the root cause of problematic beliefs.

  • You experience the clearing process as gentle, joyful, and relaxing.


  • 15-minute introduction: Learn about this gentle and transformational technique. 

  • Guided session:  Silent participation to release the weight of emotions (anger, sadness, fear, guilt, shame) and a limiting belief.


After a QTR session, attendees shared that they felt lighter, tuned inward, and empowered with clear insight.


To ensure a successful session:

  • Be seated comfortably.

  • Be in a quiet space with no distractions (online).

  • Turn on your camera (online).

  • Follow instructions.

  • Use your imagination!

Maximum group capacity, in-person or Zoom:  20

QTR is a perfect well-being practice for leadership offsites or retreats. 

Add QTR to your wellness regimen once a quarter.


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